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Why H2O

Choose an expert!

When choosing an expert in marine accident reconstruction, ask how many marine collisions they have actually investigated.

At H2O Investigations we have seasoned experts who have investigated vessel collisions most of their careers in law enforcement, with a combined total of nearly fifty years experience. We have investigated hundreds of marine collisions including 78 fatal collisions. In addition to investigating collisions, all of our consultants have enforced Federal Inland Navigation Rules and California Boating Laws on the Colorado River, and other bodies of water in the County of San Bernardino.

All consultants have courtroom and deposition experience, have been or are currently Drug Recognition Experts (D.R.E.) and have mechanical backgrounds with boats. All consultants have instructional experience in the area of boating, from Basic Boating Enforcement to Advanced Boating Accident Reconstruction; we literally took part in writing the book for the State of California for Boating Accident Reconstruction and the Boating Under the Influence Manual. Two consultants are certified divers, and we have over 70 years combined experience in operating our own personal vessels.

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Let's Work

Quite simply, H2O Investigations has some of the top investigators in the nation in boating collisions, skier mishaps, and all other circumstances causing bodily injury or property damage on the water.