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Our Training

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H2o Investigations offers a 40 hour course in Advanced Boating Accident Investigation and it is offered to any agency that conducts Boating Accident Investigations. The course is offered any where is the United States, we come to you. Class size is limited to twenty six students. Curriculum includes:

Major Investigations

Collection and Preservation of Evidence

Interviewing Techniques

Occupant Kinetics

Time Distance

Perception and Reaction

BUI/OUI Update

Report Writing and Review

Scene Documentation and Diagramming

Vessel Damage Documentation

Baseline Offset Measurements (X/Y/Z) for CAD, Made Easy

Courtroom Survival

To accommodate other training needs we can provide training on any of the above topics individually or any other boating accident related topic to an agency that desires specific training.

For available dates, host agency requirements and cost please contact Phil by emailing him through this site or by
phone 928-846-6874

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Quite simply, H2O Investigations has some of the top investigators in the nation in boating collisions, skier mishaps, and all other circumstances causing bodily injury or property damage on the water.