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  • Boating accident reconstruction experts are not easy to locate. H2O Investigations is committed to investigating all types of collisions and mishaps on the water. Our specialty is collisions involving recreational/pleasure craft, including all types of PWC, on inland waterways.

    We provide experienced boating accident investigators who are among the best in the nation. We will provide a professional service in a timely manner with the ability to qualify as experts and testify to our findings in any type of litigation.

    Thank you for visiting our web site and we look forward to being a service to you. Please add us to your favorites for a quick way to find us if you need our services in the future. Phil.

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Recent work?

"If you need a boat accident expert or reconstructionist, look no further than Phil Odom.

Phil Odom is one of the best boat experts in the country. I have consulted with him on numerous cases, and he was an expert witness in a major Watercraft Homicide case I had in Washington State that led to a "not guilty" verdict.

Phil knows the dynamics of boat collisions like no other person in the country. His qualifications cause judges and jurors to have a great deal of respect for him."

By Steve Graham, attorney-at-law

Clients Testimonials

“Phil Odom is a true boating collision / reconstruction expert and possesses a wide range of expertise in the field. The L.A. Defense Team retained MR. Odom for a wake boarding collision and our client was the operator of the vessel involved. Our case also involved alcohol and MR. Odom having the background as a Drug Recognition Expert saved us from retaining an additional expert in this case. Mr. Odom reviewed all of the information in the law enforcement report and prepared his own report, which we provided to the prosecution. The law enforcement officers who conducted the original investigation then felt they could not testify to their original findings and the state was forced to hire a top expert of their own.