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Curriculum Vitae
Phillip Allison Odom

Phillip Allison Odom

208 Saddle Mountain Drive

Boerne, Texas 78006

Phone (928) 846-6874

Born: July 4, 1960, San Bernardino, California

Graduated High School at Victory Valley High School, Victorville, California in 1978

Associate of Science Degree in Administration of Justice from Victory Valley College in Victorville, California, May 1989






Institute of Police Technology
And Management 30th
Annual Special Problems
In Traffic Crash Reconstruction
Jacksonville, FL. 40 04/30/12
California Boating Safety
Officers Association 32nd
Annual Training Symposium
Monterey Bay, CA. 32 04/28/05
Safe Boating Summit Long Beach, CA. 32 03/16/05
International Association of
Marine Investigators (I.A.M.I)
15TH Annual Training Seminar
San Diego, CA. 32 03/09/05
National Association of State
Boating Law Administrators
Boating Accident Investigation
Sacramento, CA. 40 02/07/05
Basic Boating Accident
Reconstruction (DBW)
Lake Tullock, CA. 40 04/23/99
Underwriters Laboratories
Advanced Boating Accident
Investigation (Reconstruction)
Nashville, TN. 32 03/12/99
Underwriters Laboratories
Intermediate Boating Accident
Las Vegas, NV. 40 01/29/99
Assertive Supervision SBSD Academy 40 05/05/98
Basic Boating School Ventura, CA. 40 04/20/98
Sexual Harassment/Hostile
Work Environment Prevention
Fontana, CA 08 11/24/97
EVOC Update SBSD E.V.O.C. 08 07/23/97
Traffic Accident Reconstruction Ventura, CA. 80 12/08/95
Advanced Traffic Accident
SBSD Academy 80 09/01/95
Intermediate Traffic Collision SBSD Academy 80 04/10/95
Gang Awareness San Bernardino 08 11/04/95
Field Training Officer SBSD Academy 160 12/16/94
Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)
SBSD Academy 40 01/12/94
Cap Stun (pepper spray) Hesperia, CA. 04 07/22/93
Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) LAPD 88 01/12/93
Driving Under the Influence SBSD Academy 24 10/21/92
Drug Influence Recognition SBSD Academy 08 10/15/92
Reserve Coordinators SBSD Academy 40 06/05/92
Tactical Communications SBSD Academy 24 12/06/91
Drug Influence Recognition SBSD Academy 08 12/02/91
Driver Training Instructor SBSD Academy 40 11/22/91
Civil Liabilities SBSD Academy 08 02/08/91
Missing Persons SBSD Academy 04 10/27/90
Drug Abuse Resistance
Education (D.A.R.E.)
LAPD, Rampart 80 07/15/90
Crime Prevention SBSD Academy 08 03/01/90
POST Career Ethics/Integrity
Facilitator Course
Pomona, CA. 40 07/21/91
Driver Awareness Instructor SBSD Academy 24 03/08/89
Domestic Violence SBSD Academy 08 1022/86
Field Transition Course SBSD Academy 40 12/12/86
Airborne Operations Pomona, CA. 16 10/22/86
Jail Operations SBSD Academy 40 08/02/85


  • Numerous Slide to Stop Tests - (20 to 80 MPH) – 1995 to 2006

  • Drag Sled and Drag Sled Tests – 1995 to 2006

  • Hot and Cold Shock Filament Tests – 1995 to Present

  • Participated in ten alcohol correlation studies

  • Managed three alcohol correlation work shops

  • Attended twelve post mortem autopsies relating to boating collisions

  • Managed two DUI checkpoints

  • Assisted Arizona Game And Fish on a BUI checkpoint

  • Conducted tests/experiments on the speed a wake boarder gains with centrifugal force.

  • Conducted tests/experiments on the distance a wake boarder will travel after power from the tow vessel was stopped.


  • I have been the operator of a striking vessel, colliding with various types of vessels including personal watercraft, on over sixty (60) collisions with speeds ranging from five miles per hour to forty-five miles per hour.

  • Coyote Marine is a full service marine business catering to high-end boats and high-end power. Work ranged from services to complete engine rebuilding.

  • High Desert Marine was a boat deanship. I “rigged” new boats installing outboard motors, gauges, steering cables and batteries to blank hulls. I also installed drive units on new in and out board boats.


  • San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Line Reserve from 3/83 thru 1/84

  • Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Academy from 1/84 thru 4/84

  • Riverside county Sheriff’s Department Blythe Station from 4/84 thru 7/85

  • Coyote Marine from 03/01/99 thru 10/01/03

  • High Desert Marine 02/90 thru 10/92

  • San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department 7/85 to 7/09

  • Owner H2O Investigations 7/09 to present


  • Patrol Division – Blythe - 04/84 to 09/84

  • Jail Duties - Blythe - 09/84 to 07/85


  • Jail Duties – San Bernardino Central Jail - 07/85 to 12/86

  • Patrol Division – Victorville - 12/86 to 12/88

  • Patrol Division – Hesperia - 01/89 to 03/97

  • Detective/Corporal – Colorado River Station - 03/97 to 09/00

  • Patrol Sergeant – Colorado River Station - 09/00 to 10/06

  • Training Coordinator at Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center 10/06 to 7/09

  • School Resource Officer – 08/91 to 01/92

  • Acting Detective – 03/92 to 04/92

  • Problem Oriented Policing (POP) – 04/92 to 06/92

  • D.U.I. Enforcement – 10/92 to 12/93

  • Reserve Coordinator – 10/91 to 01/96

  • Hesperia Station FTO – 12/94 to 03/97

  • Hesperia Major Accident Investigation Team – 05/95 to 03/97

  • Region 2 Major Accident Investigation Team – 12/95 to 03/97


  • Station FTO – 03/97 to 09/00

  • Boating Accident Investigation Team Supervisor – 01/98 to 10/06

  • Major Accident Investigation Team – 03/97 to 10/06

  • Field Supervisor – 03/97 to 07/98

  • Active Watch Commander on all shifts – 03/97 to 09/00

  • Intelligence Liaison – 03/97 to 09/00

  • Station Detective – 07/98 to 09/00

  • Watch Commander: Supervise deputies on all shifts, review reports, complete deputy evaluations, resolve complaints and complete staff assignments

  • Jail Supervisor: Responsibility of the overall operation of a 35 person jail.

  • Boating Accident Investigation Team (B.A.I.T.) Supervisor: Supervise the investigation of all major injury and fatal vessel collisions. Review all vessel related collision reports, maintain equipment, order equipment, maintain statistical data and review vessel citations

  • Crime Free Multi-Housing: Supervise the 16 locations involved in the program, monitor activities, attend meetings at complexes and prepare written reports on activity

  • Traffic Supervisor: Supervise all major injury and fatal vehicle collisions in the City of Needles, administrate grants, maintain equipment, review all traffic reports, complete traffic surveys and review all traffic citations


  • New employee orientation

  • Issue and track new employee Critical Task Workbooks

  • Track all required training

  • Ensure all required training is completed

  • Train deputies going to a patrol position, including completing a Field Training Workbook

  • Research and implement training for daily briefings, including scenarios, assign written reports, research law, case law and department policy

  • Maintain an inventory of fixed asset equipment

Owner Operator H2O Investigations

  • Reconstruct boating collisions and mishaps

  • Vessel collision/dynamics analysis

  • Evaluation of vessel, human and environmental factors

  • Determine liability/culpability and violation of applicable laws (Federal, State and local)

  • Provide expert testimony

  • Provide training in vessel collisions


  • Field Training Officer

  • ASP

  • Driver Training/Driver Awareness

  • Boating Accident Reconstruction


Field Training Officer: 1993 through 2001 to new deputies assigned to patrol

Strive Through Abuse Recognition (S.T.A.R): 1990 through 1996 to various groups including service groups and high school staff

Drug Influence Recognition (D.I.R.): 1990 through 1996 to patrol personnel in the high desert and the Sheriff’s Advanced Officer Training

Drug Recognition Expert Instructor: 1993 through 2001: Various blocks of drug recognition to law enforcement officers

CPR and First Aid: 1992 through 1995 to Reserve Deputies and Citizen Patrol Officers

Driver Awareness and Driver Training: 1990 through 1995 to law enforcement officers and volunteer units within the Sheriff’s Department

Evaluator for Basic Academy: 1990 through 1995 to Sheriff’s Trainees in the basic academy. Evaluated trainees is scenario situations and critiqued their performance

Boating Accident Reconstruction: 2003 through 2008 to law enforcement throughout the state of California

Advanced Boating Accident Reconstruction: 2007 through 2008 to marine officers throughout the state of California

Basic Boating Enforcement: 2008 to marine officers throughout the state of California

Basic Boating Accident Investigation: Presenter at Institute of Police Technology and Management’s 30th Annual Special Problems in Traffic Crash Reconstruction (05/02/12)


  • Reviewed numerous D.R.E. evaluation written reports

  • Evaluated numerous D.R.E. evaluations for certification of student D.R.E.’s

  • Evaluated student D.R.E.’s in the area Standard Field Sobriety Tests

  • Administered D.R.E. Knowledge Examination for final certification: both CA and AZ


  • Basic Post Certificate received 3/29/85

  • Intermediate Post Certificate received 2/26/90

  • Advanced Post Certificate received 5/10/93

  • Supervisory Post Certificate received 10/12/02


Fire Fighter I


  • Graduated from Victor Valley College in May 1989 with an Associate Degree in Administration of Justice.

Continued Education: Units Date
Police Supervision and Leadership 3 06/16/93
Crime Prevention & Community Relations 3 06/16/92
Personnel Management 3 06/08/91


  • Over 500 arrests for Driving Under the Influence, Boating Under the Influence and Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance.

  • Conducted over 410 traffic collision investigations.

  • Received 135 positive personnel reports for outstanding performance.


  • Primary Investigator on eighteen (18) MAIT investigations

  • Assisting investigator on six (6) MAIT investigations

  • Assisting investigator on three (3) Regional MAIT investigations

  • Supervisor on sixty-seven (67) BAIT investigations (26 fatal)

  • Wrote, served, executed or assisted in the execution of over five hundred and fifty (550) search warrants.


Received the GHRC Employee of the Year for the year of 2007

Received the Sheriff’s Medal of Valor in March of 1999.

Received the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Humanitarian Award for the year of 1996.

Received the Mother’s Against Drunk Driving D.U.I. Recognition Award for the years 1993, 1994 and 1995.

Received the Hesperia Deputy of the Year for the year of 1994.

Received four (4) 10851 Awards 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1991.


  • Committee member to update the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Field Training Manuel, for new deputies assigned to a patrol position.
  • Committee member to develop curriculum for a forty-hour Advanced Boating Accident Course

  • Committee member to develop an Advanced Accident Manual for the California Department of Boating and Waterways

  • I was on a Task Force to rewrite the California Department of Boating and Waterways Accident Investigation Manual. The new manual was published and made available in April of 2002.

  • I was part of a three person Task Force to rewrite the Boating Under the Influence Manual for the California Department of Boating and Waterways. The new manual was published and available in April of 2006.