Curriculum Vitae - Marvin Mosley Carter


Course Name Location Date Hours
Mobile Home/ RV Park laws/ inspections Upland Ca 2/27/08 6.5
Principles of Code Enforcement Riverside Ca 3/05 8
Driving/Force Options Simulator Combo San Bernardino Ca 9-8-03 8
Driver Training Update PIT San Bernardino Ca 12-19-01 8
Basic Boating Skills/ guest instructor Redondo Beach Ca 10/01 40
Rescue Boat Operations Los Angeles Ca 3-19-01 40
Underwriter Laboratories Advanced
Boating Accident Investigation
Las Vegas NV 1-31-01 24
Boating-Marine Fires San Diego Ca 11-19-99 40
Boating Accident Investigation/
Lake Tulloch Ca 4-30-99 40
C.B.S.O.A. Conference Sacramento Ca 4-5-99 24
Coastal Piloting and Navigation San Diego Ca 3-26-99 40
Dive Rescue I Needles Ca 5-5-99 8
Underwriter Laboratories Intermediate
Boating Accident Investigation
Las Vegas NV 1-25-99 40
C.B.S.O.A. Training Newport Beach Ca 10-15-98 8
Basic Boating Skills Redondo Beach Ca 10-9-98 40
Basic Personal Watercraft Rescue/Enforcement Redondo Beach Ca 10-9-98 8
Sexual Harassment Needles Ca 3-14-98 8
Emergency Medical Technician
Havasu Lake Ca 11-18-94 8
EVOC Update San Bernardino Ca 6-23-79 8
Reserve/ Volunteer Coordinator Course San Bernardino Ca 2-16-94 24
Meet the Challenge San Bernardino Ca 2-10-94 24
Cap-Stun Users Course Needles Ca 6-5-93 4
Emergency Medical Technician
Havasu Lake Ca 12-8-92 8
Basic Investigative Tracking Needles Ca 11-8-92 16
Airborne Operations Ontario Ca 5-12-92 16
L.E.I.C.S. Train the Trainer Ontario Ca 10-30-91 24
Drug Influence Recognition Needles Ca 9-18-91 8
Public Safety Diver Needles Ca 12-1-90 8
DRE School Los Angeles Ca 8-15-90 72
DRE Pre-School Los Angeles Ca 7-12-90 16
Search Warrants Class Needles Ca 5-17-90 8
U.S. Border Patrol Tracking Class Needles Ca 3-19-90 8
Emergency Medical Technician 1A Havasu Lake Ca 12-12-90 100
Jail Operations San Bernardino Ca 8-15-89 56
Clandestine Lab Seminar Needles Ca 2-4-89 4
Basic Boating Safety and Law
San Diego Ca 4-15-88 40
Domestic Violence Needles Ca 3-19-87 8
Reserve Officer Module C
San Bernardino S. O.
Needles Ca 5-10-84 151
Reserve Officer Module A&B
San Bernardino S. O.
Needles Ca 2-26-82 80


Station attendant for McDaniel’s Texaco Station and Garage from 1968 through 1971

Conductor with AT&SF Railway from 7/71 through 7/87.

Level II line reserve for the Needles Police Department from 2/82 through 5/84.

Needles Counseling Center 1982 through 1989

Level I line reserve for the Needles Police Department from 5/84 through 7/87.

Peace Officer for the Needles Police Department from 7/87 to 7/89.

Attended the Riverside County Sheriff’s Academy from 8/87 through 12/87.

Deputy Sheriff for San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department from 7/89 to 1/7/05.

Emergency Medical Technician with Needles Ambulance from 12/90 through 12/93.

Senior Code Enforcement Officer City of Needles from 1/10/05 to present.

Counselor at Mental Health Systems from 8/05 to the present date.

Level I line reserve for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department 1/05 to present.

Seasonal civilian boating officer for San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department from 1/05 to present date.




While at McDaniel’s Texaco, I was a station attendant at a full service station. I worked with the public and served them by filling cars, checking oil, changing and repairing tires and other mechanical work.




I worked for Santa Fe Railway as a Brakeman/ Conductor. I worked on through freight trains, road switchers, work trains and yard switchers. I also worked on both the Santa Fe Super Chief passenger train and also Amtrak as a Brakeman/ Conductor and Baggage man. During my time on the passenger trains I worked exclusively with passengers.




I worked as a part time EMT with the Needles Ambulance. I assisted in patient care as an assistant to the Paramedic.




I provided grades K-12 Schools with Drug and Alcohol Prevention; DUI Classes; Penal Code section 1000 Classes; Groups; Education; Case Management; Individuals and Assessments.

I am currently a counselor and instruct the driving under the influence classes, as well as the PC 1000 Classes. Classes are a variety including, but not limited to, Implementing Change, Alcohol and the law, Denial, Dysfunctional Family Systems, Goals and Values, Subsequent DUI Offenses, etc.




While with the Needles Police Department I was assigned to Patrol and Marine Enforcement from 7/87 to 7/89. While with the Needles Police Department I worked as a search and rescue member and a Scuba diver.

I also worked with Detectives of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and assisted in surveillance that led to the writing and service of search warrants. These Search Warrants resulted in the arrests of suspects for Health and Safety code violations.




Jail Duties at Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center 7/89 to 12/89.

Jail duties and patrol duties at the Colorado River Station in Needles California from 12/89 to 10/03.

Patrol Duties at the Resident Deputy Position in Baker California 10/03 to 1/10/05.

I am currently an active Reserve Deputy with San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department at the Colorado River Station (Needles).




Drug Recognition Expert from 1990 to 2005

School Resource Officer from 8/92 to 5/93

Search and Rescue Coordinator from 1/94 to 1/96

Boating Enforcement from 5/93 to 9/93

Boating Enforcement from 4/98 to 2/03

Civilian Boating Officer from 1/05 to present

Reserve Deputy Sheriff from 1/05 to present





As Senior Code Enforcement Officer I am responsible for the Code Enforcement Department. My responsibilities include regulating and requesting the budget for the Code Enforcement Department. I also write resolutions for new City ordinances and adding to or deleting ordinances. I inspect property enforcing the City Municipal Code, Uniform Housing Code, Uniform Building Code, The Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings and others. Based on investigations during these inspections I also write abatement warrants that allow City Crews and/ or contractors to abate property. I conduct Administrative hearings where I prepare and present power point presentations.

December of 2007 I designed, and had printed, parking citations and Administrative Citations.




While doing Marine Enforcement at the Colorado River station in 1998 I developed curriculum and instructed a Boating Safety Course with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. These classes were coordinated with the Needles Municipal Court and were used to educate boat operators who were convicted of boating under the influence of alcohol and/ or drugs. During the time from 1998 to 2003 I facilitated and instructed four classes each year at Needles and Park Moabi. I also taught one class in San Bernardino at Sheriff’s Headquarters.

I was an assistant instructor at the Basic Boating Skills Operations Training Course in Redondo Beach 10/01.




I was involved in the investigations of twenty-three (24) fatal boating accidents.

I have been the primary investigating officer in eleven (11) of those fatal accidents.

Wrote, served, executed, or assisted in the execution of over twenty (20) search warrants.




  • I received the Mother’s Against Drunk Driving "D.U.I. Recognition Award" in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.
  • I received a Cal-ID Gotcha Award in 1998.
  • I received the Sheriff’s Medal for Life Saving in 1998.
  • I received the Commander’s Award in 1999.
  • I received the Sheriff’s Medal for Valor in 2001.
  • I received the Distinguished Public Service Award from California Boating and Waterways in 2001.




  • Basic Post Certificate received 2-14-99
  • Intermediate Post Certificate received 12-17-03
  • Advanced Post Certificate received 12-17-03.




I graduated from Needles High School, in Needles, California in 1971.

Continued education: Units Dates
Numerous college classes from San Bernardino Valley, Sacramento City College, Crafton Hills and Riverside Community College 61.25 1987 - 2004