This female was riding a stand up PWC on her knees and crossed in front of another PWC. The impact speed was about 10 MPH by the striking PWC; this is the exterior of the right side of the skull.

This is the interior of the female’s skull; notice the nearly complete fracture near the base.

Propellers are devastating to the human body.

This propeller cut nearly decapitated this victim.

These injuries assisted in determining the direction and the angle of the striking vessel

This is the victim from the boating collision on the home page. He was ejected from the boat at about 85 MPH. He went in feet first and the fractures to his skull were from hitting the water. In this photo attention is drawn to the complete fracture at the base of the skull. Not as apparent but the skull had been fractured at the top to the point the pathologist only had to cut the skull in several places to get the "cap" off.

This was a 9 year old female and she was riding in her grandfathers boat. A tournament type ski boat struck the vessel she was in. She had two visible wounds on her head.

The other side of her head.

The fractures to the skull were horrific. Considering what the external wounds looked like, it was unexpected to see her internal injuries. There is a huge difference in injuries between automobiles and the marine environment.